Rainy Day in the Bay (San Francisco, CA)

Some great shots from another rainy day here in the Bay. (San Francisco, CA)

It was a normal day of work at Nordstrom in San Francisco; helping customers, striking conversation, and the like when all of a sudden I was approached by a woman visiting from Korea. She had her friend ask if I would be willing to take photos with her, and to be honest, I was extremely hesitant. Nonetheless, we swapped information, set up a date for a shoot, and set out to try to get some results from the collaboration.

Her name is Juri, a 26-year-old from Seoul traveling around and doing what she loves - taking photos. Her take on photography is a bit more grim in the sense that she picks up the darker lighting, making for a Gothic & somber feel in some of her photos. Now, don't get me wrong, these aren't bad traits at all, rather just what makes her work unique to her.

We walked around San Francisco and had a ton of fun. I dressed in my Vince coat that I basically sleep in, my new Christian Louboutin smoking slippers, and some simpler black CottonON jeans / H&M sweater. It was a comfortable, cozy look for the weather. It was only misting at the time, so I didn't need much protection from the rain (i.e. waterproof jacket or umbrella). She seemed to capture the fluidity of movement that the Vince coat boasts, speaking true to her background in fashion & commercial photography. We were an awesome team that day, and I can't wait to work with her again before she leaves for Korea. Check back soon for some more examples of her work!