Featured: Stubbs & Wootton

Who said you can't wear slippers out of the house?

One thing that I always look to when walking around San Francisco is a comfortable shoe. Since so much of getting around is walking, comfort is the most important thing. So, what better way to incorporate both comfort and style than a sleek, well-designed slipper? Below I've featured a label that I just discovered recently, the name is Stubbs & Wootton.

Stubbs & Wootton Smoking Slippers

Above I've created a collage of the loafers that you can find available online, or maybe even in-store at your local J.Crew. What I love most about them is that they are well thought out. Different from others that you mind find in some sort of 2-D animal print, these are crafted well with various fabrics, textures, and designs for a look suitable to many personalities. Whether or not you're a fan or martinis on your shoes, there are other graphics and letterings to look into, as you can see above. Below you'll find some other great styles available FOR SALE on the Stubbs website.

Now tell me these aren't awesome... If you walk around San Francisco in these shoes, you'll be more than praised for your amazing taste. And isn't that what fashion is all about? Menswear is particularly hard to stay in style with, as most men lean more toward jeans and sneakers, but switch out those dingy sneakers for a pair of Stubbs and you're good to go! I think my favorite out of the four styles pictured above is the black & white diamond geometric loafer. Although all are great with their quilted, tweed, and suede design, I feel the Jacq Silver style is great for minimalist like myself.

Definitely check out Stubbs & Wootton to see for yourself just how great their shoes are! And ladies, there are some awesome styles available for you as well. Check them out HERE and never overlook a good deal when you find one (https://www.stubbsandwootton.com/sale/)