5 Hairstyles You Should Try... Now

Great hair goes a long way.

It's not secret that most women care a lot about their hair, but what about men? Most men don't put anywhere near as much emphasis on their hair as much as women do. Maybe they just don't care, or maybe they're content with the style they have now, but the fact of the matter is, hair is still important regardless of who you are.

The first things that most people notice about a person are eyes, skin, teeth, and hair. As unfortunate as that is, it's the truth about the society that we live in. So fellas, why not try and make the best first impression possible? I mean, there's nothing worse than going into a networking event or job interview here in San Francisco with a less-than-impressive haircut. That's why I've gone ahead and featured some of 4 favorite hairstyles, as well as a picture that captures the way I style my hair.

- The first is a sort of quiff (brushed back hair) that complements any man with a wavier style hair. It's more suitable for men with thinner hair because it's easiest for men with that hair type to style.

- Second I've given you a really simple, messy look which features some short spikes and shorter sides. If you have a bit of a more square shaped face with defined cheek bones, this hairstyle is probably the best for you.

- Next, I went ahead and pictured one of my favorite slicked hairstyles, modeled by David Beckham. He is definitely the king of a well-groomed cut and a fashion icon to follow. The style speaks for itself.

- Last, we have a sort of fauxhawk look for a guy with thicker hair that's a bit more coarse. Now, I'm not a hair stylist by any means, but I really do feel like this style looks best on men who have control of their hair even with its difficult-to-style texture.

My hair is very simple. Shorter on the sides, longer on top, and slicked back to create a sort of an edge. It's my own interpretation of some of the styles pictured above. I'll create a step-by-step guide on how I style my hair very soon.

If you're looking to try something new, stylish, and trendy, I would definitely suggest one of the looks above. Many women (and men) love a man with a great look. So why not give it a try? I'll soon post a few of my favorite hair products for you to try, too! Can't give you just part of an idea, can I? Remember, always explore your style and find the look that works best for you!