A Hint of Print: Polka Dots for Spring


If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that about 95% of men out there are afraid of change and trying something new. Whether it be a life change or a wardrobe change, I can still guarantee there's a little hesitance when it comes about. However, today I'm going to tell you all that it's OK to change things up a little when it comes to your clothes. That's why fashion exists! You're supposed to have fun with it. And what's more fun than being a little decked out in polka dots? Now, I'll refer to them as spots since "polka dots" is associated more with women's clothing. Now, moving forward...

Spots are great because they add a little oomph to something simple. Take the pair of tassel loafers pictured in the collage above; subtract the spots and what do you have? A black, lifeless pair of loafers that has nothing special to them. Keep the spots and it adds character! I personally have two spotted shirts that I really love - one is from Express and the other from The Gap. My shirt from express is one with finer spotting on it, on a black button-up shirt with almost microscopic white dots all over it. The shirt from the Gap is a little more daring with the pattern; blue button-up with cream dots. They're both fun to play around with and I almost always pair them with a crisp blazer to give them a more refined look.

Above I've thrown in some more subtle styles like sunglasses, socks, and a backpack. Each has its own appeal, but some guys need just that little hint of something and they're good to go. Like I said, not all men are adventurous. And if you're reading this thinking you'll have your special person try some spots out, be sure you know how much their willing to try. More subtle accessories and prints are better more hesitant personalities. Nonetheless, give it a try! It doesn't hurt.