A Pop of Color: Teal

Color is everything.

It's absolutely no secret that color is on, in, and around everything you'll find during Spring. I personally love the idea that the world brightens as nature comes to life around us. The color is definitely a nice break from the oftentimes grim, dark, and muted tones of winter. So, what better way to change with nature than to change your wardrobe and throw on some color. After all, isn't nature one of the biggest inspirations in all of fashion?

The color that I've chosen to highlight today is teal. Granted there are a few different interpretations of what the color really looks like, below I've featured some of my favorite teal pieces. As always, I've thrown in both subtle and dramatic uses of the color.

I think my person preference when it comes to using the color teal is to use the color as a more bold statement. By that, I mean incorporation the color in the form of a larger piece of clothing, like a shirt, pair of shorts, or clearly visible accessory (e.g. backpack or shoes).

Below I've featured what I feel to be one of my favorite outfits! Even though it's a little chilly here in San Francisco, I still think men and women can get away with wearing shorts out. The (wrinkled) shorts shown below were a snag from Target for a very reasonable $20 about two years ago. My H&M shirt pairs well with the shorts since it has a sort of clean, fresh look to it. The shirt does have a collar, but it is Mandarin-inspired, giving it a seemingly different feel. With my shoes, I decided to tie the black piping detail in my shirt with the hints of black in my saddle shoes; furthermore, these are are really comfortable and great for walking around SF.

For the extras, I use my go-to Gucci cologne and American Crew hair product. The Paul Mitchell hairspray is a recent purchase that I'm trying out and seeming to like quite a bit. It's functional and really gets the job done with the extra strength hold.

All in all, I really love how far a color can do. If I were pairing the outfit with just some simple black bottoms, sure it would look OK, but it would be missing that small (but important) element that really makes fashion great. Stand out in the crowd by making your spring statement in color... And to be specific, make a statement in teal.