Converse x Nordstrom Pop-In

"Don't wear shoes, wear sneakers."

This month, Nordstrom teamed up with Converse to create a killer theme for the booming Nordstrom Pop-In Shop found in select stores. I have the perk of working in the San Francisco Nordstrom, giving me a little view inside the cool, fresh mini-store found inside the larger Nordstrom building. Finding its home on the second floor of Nordstrom, the Pop-In Shop boasts a dramatic theme, boasting the illusion of dripping paint all along its walls.

As you walk in, you find an amazing chandelier-like fixture made of Converse (go figure). Each pair is crafted with the same dripping paint as the walls, coming together for a really artistic spin that catches your attention from the very beginning. The coolest part about the fixture is that it's suspended in midair, really making you take a second to stop, watch, and admire how well the piece is crafted.

Then, as you make your way past the dripping walls and hanging from the ceiling, you find what matters most in the Pop-In... The large selection of Converse that fits everyone's personality. There are some many different colors, prints, patterns, and styles, you're destined to find something you like. And if you just so happen to be the oddball that doesn't find anything to your liking, you can purchase a plain pair and customize them at the Converse DIY bar.

The DIY bar comes equipped with markers, colorful laces, and even some rhinestones and miscellaneous accessories to spruce up your kicks. Not convinced? Well how about adding some googly eyes into the mix. No one can pass up a good pair of googly eyes!

Below I've gone ahead and pictured my three favorite styles from the collection available, no tampering necessary. Each one of these sneakers is fully equipped with its own style and swag that any man or woman can appreciate. My personal favorite is definitely the camouflage. Since camo has been around for a few years now, making its appearance in the fashion scene, it only makes sense to consider adding some to your wardrobe.

Once you're done exploring, checking out the shop, and sticking your hands in a bowl of plastic eyes, feel free to take a seat and relax. The shop comes with its own little resting area for anyone looking for a little down time.

Be sure to stop by Nordstrom and check it all out if you can! If you're here with me in San Francisco, I highly recommend taking the time to explore it. Who knows, you might love it so much that you go home with your own pair of sneakers.

To check out Nordstrom's Pop-In Shop online and find the sneakers that fit you, check them out on the Nordstrom website HERE.