Fashion Feature: Menswear Metallics


A trend that I found hard to love at first is starting to grow on me... If you haven't noticed, it's a little attention grabbing. Yes, silver and gold have started to make their way into mainstream fashion and my heart. It's just a great touch. If done properly, the metallic detail can make for a really sharp, edgy look that catches the right kind of attention.

You might be wondering what good and bad taste is when it comes to silver and gold clothing, so let me explain a little. Have you ever seen someone with a metallic bag and thought, 'Why are they wearing foil?' If you have, that's because that specific piece was in bad taste. A silver or gold piece of clothing that is done in good taste will look lacquered, polished, and natural. Take the silver Christian Louboutin boat shoes (bottom-left), it does well in keeping the gaudiness of silver toned down by creating a sheen and not a foil-like reflection. You want the color to look glazed over what you're wearing, not caked on.

When using a bold color like those featured in this post, you need to be careful how you use it. Always do your best to make sure the styles you wear are representative of who you are. 

 ** Check ZARA, ASOS, and Nordstrom for great silver & gold metallic pieces. They're always floating around there somewhere. And if you're wanting to splurge... Louboutins. Enough said.