Men's Florals for Spring 2014


It's no secret that floral prints have, and always will, be one of the most popular prints in fashion for spring. Why? Because the print just captures the essence of spring and everything that's great about the season. The new and fresh aspects of nature are reflected through the playful use of color in most key floral prints you'll find. My favorite thing about the print is that there's always something new about it - each designer and retailer uses a different slight of design to make their clothing different this year than the last. Now, how would you wear it? Good question!

Since florals are something that even I'm hesitant to wear because of how feminine they sometimes seem to be, I suggest wearing them on an article of clothing with darker tones. Floral prints pasted onto a black or grey fabric work best since they have a bit of an edge and masculinity to them, so you're not uncomfortable in bright pinks, oranges, and greens that you oftentimes see. The background fabric can actually tone down just how vibrant the colors might otherwise be. Also think to keep it simple with a pair of prints shoes or socks, that way you aren't too out there in a complete Hawaiian patterned shirt of sweater. But, if you're really daring and don't mind it, think to wear a larger piece with the print on it - maybe a pair of pants, printed shorts, or a well-designed sweater. If you do, you'll not only be making a statement, but you'll be on par with the trend. Then again, keeping it subtle is always a great way to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe. It's like taking baby steps - just do whatever you feel most comfortable in. I'll definitely be trying it myself very soon! I just have to find the right pieces to try out. And if you're curious to find out where to get your florals, check out some sites like River Island, ASOS, and TopMan... I can guarantee they have something for just about everyone!