Trend Alert: Long Trench Coats for Spring


Here in San Francisco, we're no stranger to a little chill. That's why it's essential for every man and woman to own a great coat to protect them against it. Even though it isn't as cold as some other places in the world, it's still enough to keep us Californians bundled up. Now, when it comes to trench coats, it's always best to have it a little more fitted since you don't want to look like you're playing dress up. People notice when your clothes are a little too big for you, so avoid doing it whenever possible. Another great thing about a coat is that you can wear an all black outfit but play it up with some color, prints, or patterns in the coat. What I love most is a little houndstooth or high contrast with some black and white.

I recently purchased some great coats by Vince, in black and a sort of taupe, and I can't seem to take them off. Some pictures below are some of my favorite shots in my Vince.

You'll notice that I played up the all black silhouette with some texture in the woven wool sweater that I wore. The wool in the Vince coat adds to the texture as well, which makes the otherwise plain look a little interesting. Overall, just play around with the style a little - it can only help you, never hurt. And if you're not living in San Francisco and the weather is a little warmer where you are, you can always find a lighter, thinner coat as an alternative.