Style Highlight: Jump From Paper

Imagination rules the world of fashion.

Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street -

Style blogger, Bobby Raffin -

Yesterday evening, while I was at work and figuring out ways to pass the time, I decided to hop on Instagram. While on IG, I happened to catch a glimpse of a style blogger posing with this awesome, cartoon-like bag that I thought he edited then. Then, after a little searching, I stumbled across JumpFromPaper. I checked out their site and thought it was so cool! The bags are a great play on imagination. The two-dimensional design really makes you take a second look and question if what you just saw was real.

Above you'll see two of my favorite style bloggers, Marcel Floruss of 'One Dapper Street' & Bobby Raffin, each posing with their bags styled in unique ways. Their use of muted and simple colors really makes the bags' bold and bright details stand out in the photos.

The greatest thing about the JumpFromPaper bags is that they're playful; truly the epitome of what fashion should be - fun, creative, and unique. I'm currently looking into getting my own, and with a fair price point ranging from $90 - $160, why the hell not? The bag practically pays for itself in compliments and attention.

For more of Marcel, check out his blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
For more of Bobby, check out his blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

And don't forget to check out JumpFromPaper over on their website,