OMAMenswear x AWARE Collection

Be aware of the impression you're making.

As we all know, HIV/AIDS is becoming an increasingly large issue within our society. It can affect individuals of all ages and from all walks of life, but how many of us unaffected are actively trying to help those who are? Today I'd like to share with you a brand whose mission is to really make a difference, providing support to HIV/AIDS research in its own way. 

Each shirt and its design is made carefully in a production cycle based in Canada. There, the process is checked multiple times to ensure that the quality and labor that goes into the shirt is in alignment with the brand and its mission. Though the shirt is made in areas local to Canada, the fabrics and trimmings of the shirt are sourced from Europe, majority from Italy.

As you can tell from the images provided both above and below, the quality of the shirt if by far some of the greatest I have ever tried. The fabrics are soft, breathable, and very appropriate for the seasonal weather at hand. Though the price is a premium at around $180 - $220 per shirt, $10 of your purchase is given as a donation to the HIV/AIDS research foundation.

The most important thing that AWARE Collection is reminding us of is that this illness is happening everyday to those around us. Although we may not be directly affected, we should still stay concerned and involved for the sake of those around us who are.

To find out more about AWARE Collection and its mission, check out the website ( Also check back here for more info regarding AWARE discounts, giveaways, and promotions. From here on out, my goal is to work with them to become more aware and share my knowledge with all of you.