Trend Alert: Candy-Colored Coats

Rainy weather has never been sweeter.

To those of you living in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you know that there's nothing sweeter than having an awesome, functional, stylish raincoat. That is why today I've gone ahead and featured some of my favorite colors for Spring 2014 in the form of coats. You'll notice that pictured above are bright, vibrant reds, yellows, blues, and the like. Each is very simple in structure, but that's OK. Why? Because you really want the focus to be on the color of the coat. Since most raincoats are generally simple in style anyway, you always have to do it up with some cool colors and patterns. I've only featured one print - the polka dot with various earthy tones in the coloring.

Of the coats, I think my favorite has to be the yellow. The yellow is sleek, sort of taking us back to the days where we sported giant yellow rain boots as kids. Now, I'm not saying you have to break out those dated boots, but it's nice to have the style options similar to those nostalgic and youthful trends.

Consider checking out some of these coats online and ordering yourself one. After all, April showers are starting to make their way through the bay and the rest of California, so you should stay prepared. And if you're not drowning in what has been a series of showers, still look into snagging one for future rainy day disasters. Online shops like Topman & ASOS are sure to have something for you.