Announcement: Menswear Mag ... Coming Soon

Your new guide to all things men's fashion & lifestyle.

Today I am proud and happy to announce that my new men's fashion and lifestyle guide, Menswear Mag, has now gone into construction. What's Menswear Mag you ask? Menswear Mag is going to launch as a new men's guide whose main focus is to provide helpful articles relating to fashion, health & fitness, food & drink, entertainment, and more. As a matter of fact, Menswear Mag will not only be limited to men's fashion, but is in the works of getting together a team of people to write articles exclusively for women's fashion. Anything from style advice to recipes for dinner, you can expect to find them over on the Menswear Mag website. Currently is not live; it links back to the Of Mice & Menswear main page.

Currently in the process of finding a solid team of contributors for MMag, I am currently seeking individuals with excellent writing skills and experience. Now, I'm not looking for a novelist, just someone who can write well and has fun doing it. If you're interest, feel free to submit your name and three ideas of what you'd like to write about through my contact page, HERE. I'd love to hear from you!

In the meantime, while I'm here trying to get this site built up and ready to go, just sit back and look forward to a new source for all your fashion and lifestyle needs*

*The launch of Menswear Mag does not signify the end of Of Mice & Menswear. Both will remain up and running, but serve separate purposes.