Best Dressed Men at Met Gala 2014

Meet the men of the Met Gala.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Actor

Matt Bomer, Actor

Future, Musician

Jay Z with wife, Beyoncé Knowles

Bryan Cranston  of Breaking Bad

David Beckham with wife, Victoria Beckham

Ryan Reynolds in Gucci

Fashion knows no limits at this year's Met Gala, an event hosted by Vogue Magazine at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Last night, both men and women showed up in lavish, extravagant suits and dresses, bright colors, and dramatic detail created by some of the world's top fashion houses. But, who really stole the show? 

Above you'll find who I believe truly exemplified class and sophistication with well-tailored, sharp suiting. Some of you may or may not recognize the men from some of your favorite shows, movies, and media, but now you're getting to know them for their style. 

My favorite basic all-black suiting is featured above in the first two photos. Very well put together and great for any occasion. My favorite look in general is the high contrast suiting complete with dark slacks and cream or white (or both) up top in the blazers and shirts. 

Last, and definitely not least, my favorite look is worn by Ryan Reynolds in his Gucci getup. The texture is fantastic as the fabric picks up the light, then reflects it back in some sort of eye-catching way. Not to mention, Reynold's attention to detail with his burgundy bowtie is a great touch. 

Overall the Gala is something that catches the attention of everyone attending and everyone that wishes they could attend (like myself). Needless enough to say, between all the celebrity eye candy, how could you not be in awe? 

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