Featured Blogger: Adam Gallagher


Today I've gone ahead and featured my favorite menswear blogger of all time, Adam Gallagher. Some of you may or may not have stumbled across many of his style photos on the internet over the past number of years. He is a fantastic, dapper, edgy, rugged, stylish man that can pull off any look. So, why am I featuring him? Well, as part of a new weekly spotlight that I am doing to give both professional and amateur bloggers their chance for recognition.

Adam has done very well, getting on the blogger train as early as it could have started. Above you can see some of my favorite looks that he's posted over time. The top is what I believe to be him at his youngest in these photos - the last being one of the most recent. They really capture his progression of style and change over time - one of the greatest things I think blogging allows. You can track the changes of a person and watch them grow into who they are and what they make themselves.

Keeping it brief, I just wanted to take the time to share with you all one of the men who truly inspires me to dress for no one other than myself. He provides me with great inspiration to just go out and look my best, as he does for many other men in the the fashion world.

If you'd like to check out more on Adam, you can check out his website at or find him on his various accounts using @iamgalla.