Featured Blogger: Bobby Raffin

A modern day gypsy.

"The New Black & White"

Today's featured blogger is again one of my favorite men in the blogosphere. His name is Bobby Raffin, he is based in Canada, and to some of his followers, he's known as a modern day gypsy. Now, I don't mean gypsy in any offensive way, I just mean that he is nomadic and free-spirited by nature (at least it seems so anyway). His style is always changing, using different elements, props, and details to truly create a dramatic, eye-catching look. From feathers, to heavy studs, to cartoon-like bags, Bobby's style is truly one of a kind.

What I find to be most admirable about Bobby's style is the simple fact that he has yet, and will never, give into what others feel his style should be. He has coined his own style in a positive way, gaining what amounts to over 50,000 followers on his Lookbook platform alone. Definitely impressive!

One of the labels he wears the most is Gypsy Warrior, a Bohemian and Rock n' Roll-inspired label that really focuses on all things edgy and chic. His use of their clothing really is great as it pushes the envelope on what men's style can be.

All in all, Bobby Raffin's style is not only cool and chic, but it's inspiring in the sense that he proves men do not have to dress any particular way. Rather, they may explore their own style and interests with any means. His use of accessories and fine detail are what make him unique, and it's his fans and followers that do well in sharing his style with the internet world.

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