8 Infused Waters to Try for Summer

Everyone is after that perfect summer bod and a healthier lifestyle, so why not start here? Trade in your fruit juice and flavored soda for this natural, healthy approach to flavor. Here are 8 Fruit infused waters for your midnight snackage:

Tangerine, Cucumber, & Strawberry Infused Water (RECIPE HERE)

Orange and Blueberry Infused (RECIPE HERE)

A Cool, Colorful Cranberry / Orange Cooler (RECIPE HERE)

Rosemary / Grapefruit Infusion (RECIPE HERE)

Various Infusions by Lauren Conrad (RECIPES HERE)

Each one of the above recipes is not only healthy, but also delicious. The best thing about them is they replace that unhealthy sugar and fat from your favorite go-to sodas and juices with an even better approach to flavor. If you're interested in trying these out for yourselves at home, go ahead and click the recipe links under each of the respective photos to find out just how to do it at home. If you do try this at home, I'd love to hear how it went! Feel free to comment below with any feedback or input. In the meantime, enjoy your water and your new favorite (and healthy) drink!