A Silver Lining

Everyone should get the chance to explore his or her identity, and today, I took the first steps in exploring my own. Here are a few shots of my new (silvered) hair, and what is now my new look.

For my entire life, I have allowed myself to fall subject to the influences of those around me, both positive and negative. The positive influences are evident if you know me personally, but one thing I don't share often is the negative influence I allow myself to fall subject to. This negative influence is that of a society that places a fear within me to be who I truly am.

For years I have contemplated the thought of doing something as simple as dying my hair, yet I have allowed my own fear of what others might think of say to keep me from following through with it. Today, I have finally done what I deem as something rebellious - I've dyed my hair, tossing away the negative thoughts of how others might react.

Walking around the streets of San Jose today, with my new hair standing out in the crowd, I did notice others point, smirk, whisper, and laugh. Did this bother me? Of course it did, as I feel it would bother any other individual to know that they caught some sort of negative attention. However, today I stand proud of who I am and what I have done. My hair does not determine who I am, rather it is a symbol and reflection of the outspoken voice that I have within. Today I take pride in my personality, my sexuality, and myself. Today I ask you to do the same. Express yourselves and share with the world who you truly are, and do not let fear get in your way. There will always be naysayers, but it is up to you to fight against those words in a positive, self-empowering way. Stand up to the bullies of the world and always remember that even you have a silver lining ahead. Stay positive, stay strong, and stay true to who you are.

Featured: Jeans, Current Elliot (Similar HERE) // Tunic, St. John (HERE) // Shoes, Christian Louboutin (Similar HERE) // Hat, Goorin Bros (HERE)