OMAMenswear x The Bouqs

Flowers just got a lot cooler... Or did they just get a little warmer?

Not too long ago I was contacted by a flower company by the name of The Bouqs (short for 'bouquet'). I first heard about them when I was watching Shark Tank with my boyfriend, and I thought to myself - 'Wow! That's pretty cool!' Why? Because the Bouqs doesn't just deliver flowers, it delivers flowers straight from the side of a volcano resting at about 10,000 feet above sea level.

Below I've gone ahead and pictured some of my favorite bouqs available over on their website. From left to right you have: Above & Beyond, Show n Tell, Recognize, & Desperado. The colors of each are sensational and I can't even begin to describe how fantastic they must smell.

So, which flowers did I choose? Well, I decided to go with the Desperado, as they were the most appealing and caught my attention. Below is what the bouq looked like the day I received it - bright, colorful, and well-assorted. They gradually opened up into a more full shape, though I do apologize for not having a photo to share of their progression.

The Bouqs, Desperado flower collection.

Now, if you're considering ordering some of these flowers then know you're not limited to just these four options. There's well over 60 choices to feast your eyes (and noses) on HERE. The prices start at $40 without any hidden costs, and you can always upgrade your bouq with more flowers for an extra $10 - $30 cost depending on how much you wanna step up your flower game.

Overall, my experience with the flowers was a spectacular one. Though I didn't receive the shipment until five days after placement of the order, I did have them for almost three times longer than any other set of flowers I've purchased before. So, if you're looking into getting yourself some of these arrangements or surprising someone you love with one, just remember to plan ahead.

Once you place your first order, it definitely won't be your last.