St. John Couture Event - San Francisco, CA

'Classically American Evening and Couture looks with a serious hint of glamour.'

Not too long ago I had the privilege of receiving an invitation to an event in San Francisco. The event was held at the St. John boutique, an American-based couture line focusing on luxury and flawless craftsmanship. Walking into the store, you were greeted with champagne, lite hors d'oeuvres, and welcome from all of the store hosts. Filled with beautifully dressed women, most adorned in head-to-toe in St. John, you truly felt submerged in the culture of the line - high class & high luxury.

As I made my way through the floor, I stumbled across a display of some of the most ornate accessories I've seen. One piece that caught my eye is this beautiful necklace pictures above; the matching earrings really add a great touch.

Throughout the store you'll find an assortment of Stuart Weitzman shoes to really complement the outfits and pieces on display. Below I've gone ahead and pictured the pair that I found to be the most aligned with my personal taste in consideration of women's fashion - the subtle hints of rose gold in the studs really adds to the overall aesthetic of gold plating found in the St. John accessories I previously mentioned.

Each mannequin was dressed just as well as I had expected, leaving you really to admire the thought put into the construction of the outfits displayed. The mannequin I picture wears what I consider to be one of the most tasteful, well-assembled outfits I've seen, evening incorporating multi-textured detail that can oftentimes be hardest to do.

Now, in the case that you had some difficulty envisioning outfits off a mannequin, models were enlisted to help you out in the process.

Styled by Lela Briggs, former in-house model for St. John and now acclaimed St. John stylist, the outfits really emphasized functionality, femininity, and most importantly, versatility. Versatility is key for those in attendance, as most of which are savvy, social businesswomen who really need looks to accommodate their lifestyles.

Lela's assortment of outfits incorporated a play on textured natural pieces (above) and pops of print and color (below). You can even spot Ms. Briggs sporting the same skirt worn by Adair Arnold in the photo below, showcasing just how functional a St. John piece can be.

Adair Howell Arnold, model.

The houndstooth piece you'll see above truly caught my eye the entire time I was there. I've always had a soft spot for the print, I've just never been able to find it done so well. Oftentimes houndstooth can be busy, causing others to sort of steer their vision away from it; however, in the piece I've featured, you can really admire the fine detail and differentiation through the variation in size of the print. Paired with a matching dress below, the sweater proves to be a key piece in the showcased collection.

You can even find me pictured above sporting my favorite St. John piece, a draping tunic that abides by that 'avant garde' look I love so much. Oh, and you can't forget the fabulously dressed models all in the showcased collection.

Overall the event was fun, filled with laughter, and a great experience. I truly felt submerged in the culture that the label represents - American Couture. Special thanks to all of those that made attending this event so great, and much appreciation to the entire St. John team for going above and beyond to really make everyone feel welcome.

**To find out more about St. John and discover everything they have to offer, check out their website HERE.