V76 by Vaughn Acord

Groomer & Stylist to the stars, Vaughn Acord.

Tonight I'm heading to an exciting cocktail party to meet & greet Vaughn Acord, celebrity groomer and stylist. Now, you might be wondering, 'What's considered celebrity?' Well, to give you a little more on his high-profile clientele, Vaughn has worked with the likes of Bill Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, and Richard Gere.

This event is hosted by Vaughn, as well as his line V76 by Vaughn, a men's line aimed toward providing top grooming products of the highest quality. Vaughn and his team were nice enough to send over a great kit for me to try for myself and I do have to say, it's fantastic.

Above you'll find the collection of items sent my way on behalf of Vaughn and the assortment really is great. Today I've used the shampoo and conditioner, as well as the molding paste. The shampoo and condition both have a pleasant citrus smell with a hint of other naturally appearing fragrances. Once rinsed, I feel completed refreshed and they leave my hair feeling healthier each time I use them (my hair has been a little dry since I've dyed it).

Once slightly dried and a little damp, I apply the molding paste to add a little texture and volume, which never disappoints. Most pastes clump or feel stiff, but once the V76 paste dries, it leaves my hair feeling smooth and still able to be molded for a while after application.

Can't wait to head out to the event tonight in San Francisco and really get a sense of what inspired this line! I'll be sure to share pictures and more feedback and time passes.

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