V76 by Vaughn Cocktail Hour


As mentioned to you in my previous post, I was set to attend an event hosted by V76 by Vaughn, a men's product line based in New York. Needless enough to say, the event in question went on without a hitch. When I walked into the venue, the room was full of men and women all part of the hair industry, gathered around to listen to the wise words of master groomer Vaughn Acord.

The scene looked a lot like what you'll find above - Vaughn, as well as other grooming professionals, stood on stage presenting tips and techniques on how to give male clients a better grooming experience. Models were used as live examples to really allow for in-depth explanations and lessons for those in attendance; different grooming tips exhibited on different men.

I was able to catch a few tips shared with everyone, making me feel better about my decision of showing up a bit before I was intended to. One of the most significant pieces of information that I found interesting to share with you all is the idea that men are wearing more and more product in their hair; when he goes to an event, he wants it to be noticed. An interesting take as I often find that most men are afraid of looking as if they style heavily, as if being well-groomed is a sign of weakness.  Nonetheless, I truly do see and realize it as true with light reflection.

Post-presentation the room was filled with hair experts & enthusiasts ready to share what they just heard over a glass of wine, bubbly, and what have you. The greatest part to me, aside from getting the chance to speak with Vaughn himself, was that each of the grooming models was making his way through the crowd to mingle with anyone interested in getting a closer look at the work done on stage.

A bit of the way through everything, I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Vaughn, the man behind the V76 brand. We spoke about how we got started, made his way into the industry, and how he continues to grow. One of the most interesting topics that I discussed with him was his ability to remain knowledgeable and a leading expert of his craft.

One question I had was something to the effect of, "Knowing you're a leading expert, do you have anyone that still inspires you? Someone that really motivates you to be better?" To which Vaughn looked me and responded, "Everyone in the audience. They all know whether or not I'm telling them the truth. If I say something wrong, they can can tell and that's a lot of pressure."

The conversation continued and the laughs kept rolling. He gave me a lot of personal insight, really making himself more available as a friend than an interviewee. Definitely a great man with a lot of knowledge to share.

The event was spectacular and I truly felt privileged to be there. Not only did I get to learn a ton about hair, grooming, and Vaughn, but I got to learn a bit about myself as well. Special thanks to those who made me feel so welcome, and many thanks to Vaughn for being such a great host.

I will soon have some more official interview questions up for you all to read, so stayed posted! In the meantime, thank you for reading and have a great day! - Anthony