All-American Boy


This boy came out to play.

I'm not one to typically wear traditionally 'masculine' clothing. I like to play around and try to really redefine what the word normal is and means to people. For me, normal is a very loose term. So, today I've decided to step outside of my comfort zone and feature a more 'all-american boy' look that I feel complements my style, but at the same time incorporates a few different aesthetic appeals, i.e. hats, messenger bags, and straight leg denim.

What I do have to admit is that I really do love this outfit. It's a pretty simple, casual, and functional outfit that I wouldn't mind wearing around town or out with friends. The combination of dark denim with the black gingham & spiked shoes really tailors to my personal fashion interests (a little bit of black). The jeans fit extremely well and I really do love the wash. I picked them up at a thrift store for $10 a while back, but I've only been wearing them for about a month.

I decided not to go with an extremely tight or fitted shirt, as the pants would look mismatched if I did make that decision. When you wear an shirt that is TOO small with a pair of bulkier jeans, you really look silly and something looks off. Cuffing the jeans worked in my favor as well. Since the pant legs are a bit too long for me, it really helped to cuff them and not make myself look shorter. Slip-ons are a great choice (as shown) since they look cool with the simple shirt and jacket pairing

Overall, I feel this outfit is really representative of what I view to be 'all-american'. Granted it may not be to others, it is to me! I would love to know your thoughts on this outfit in the comments below. Would you like me to try out more looks like this? Feel free to share!

Featured: Gingham Shirt, Zara // Denim Jeans, Levi's // Bomber Jacket, Zara // Shoes, Louboutin // Messenger Bag, Lacoste