Call Me Pugsley


Anyone can be a style inspiration.

Today's outfit is really just me channeling two of my favorite television & movie characters ever, Chucky and Pugsley Addams. I'm in love with both the movies and cannot get enough of them. So, the other day as I was sort of browsing through the guide on my television, I had the genius Idea to style after them. Since I already have reddish hair, all I really needed to use was a black / white striped t-shirt.

Now I couldn't just throw on the shirt with something simple and call it a day, absolutely not. I can never keeps things as simple as I'd like, I'm the type of person that overcomplicates what should be an easy concept of a striped t-shirt and jeans.

I decided to throw on a blazer to level out how casual the shirt is, as the fabric isn't the best quality. The sleeves have rolled a bit from washing it, so I had to hide them from being noticed. Even added in a 49ers cap to sort of tone down the hair a bit, as I'm still getting used to it myself. (Forgive the high levels of brightness)

The look overall is pretty great, but not the most comfortable. Speaking in terms of occasion, it probably isn't the most practical to wear while walking around town for a day or errands. I'd only recommend taking this sort of look with you on a night out (sans sunglasses).

Think of switching out the black skinny fit jeans for a straight-leg blue washed denim for a more casual look. Also, switching out the black boots for a black sneaker can add a little more street style to the outfit. What would you change or keep? Would love to know - feel free to share in the comments below!


Featured: Striped Tee, Zara // Blazer, Zara // Denim, Current Elliot // Boots, VINCE // 49ers Cap, c/o New Era Caps