H&M 'Kaleidoscope' Jacket


Cool H&M Man Bomber Jacket for Fall 2014

The principle of fashion is the principle of the kaleidoscope. A new year can only bring us a new combination of the same elements

Today's outfit is centered more around this bomber jacket than anything else. It's so bold that almost everything else in the outfit had to be toned down to match and blend with the print. I played it safe, but sometimes that okay.

You'll notice that I've whipped out the denim blue jeans & hat look again, simply as a way to wear this jacket casually. I feel that paired with black skinny jeans, it may be too bold and almost become loud and obnoxious in appearance. I firmly believe that the blue hues in the denim complements the navy and oatmeal coloring in the Kaleidoscope patterning. The white undershirt really allows the jacket to pop, and the straw-woven loafers I have on really seal the deal for me. Oh, and that hat! The hat is just a little something to sort of accessorize (I'm always bad about accessorizing). The outfit itself is really cozy, comfortable, and sensible. I'd recommend something like this to any guy. And if you're too shy to walk around with such a loud print, try experimenting with some other great jackets out there. There are plenty!*

*I'll be sure to get a post going on where you can find jackets similar to mine. 

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