Katin USA x Of Mice & Menswear


The summer never ends in California.

One thing that I can fully admit is that I love California. The simple fact that the sun is always shining is its true selling point. It has truly been a blessing to spend my entire life growing up here, and I think the greatest perk is full access to some of the most beautiful beach locations.

Beach cities are rich in culture, just like the brand I had the pleasure of working with. Katin USA, a surf & lifestyle brand, reached out and presented me with the opportunity of collaboration. Having followed them on Instagram religiously for some time, I found it hard to resist. Geared toward the new season, I decided to incorporate some really great fall colors into my wardrobe using their rust colored K hat, burnt orange 'Stampede' shorts, and maroon Katin t-shirt (not pictured).

Below you'll find how I paired it for a simple, but functional day out lounging poolside.

When I received the product, I was thoroughly surprised at the amazing quality of the clothing. The rust hat is cool for a jeans and a tee shirt kind of day. The shirt was extremely soft, probably just as soft as some of the high end designer labels I own (if not softer). Then, I went and grabbed the shorts. Little did I know what I was in for:

Katin is known for its 'Kanvas' shorts, made entirely from boat canvas and to withstand harsher conditions than normal trunks while surfing. The Katins didn't just create unique shorts, they created a culture.

As I wore the shorts, I did feel the difference in texture against my skin, but it wasn't anything bad, just a sort of waxiness. No big. The print is SUPER cool and the reason I fell in love with them from the get-go. All in all, they're fantastic shorts that I would recommend to any of my friends.

As I start to wear these shorts a little more (outside the realms of a backyard) I'll go ahead and start styling them with different combinations of shirts, shoes, and accessories. Same with the hat and t-shirt (soon to come). For now, go ahead and check out Katin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or their website (