Steel Toed


Detail is everything.

If you love fashion, then you know that it's not always about who you're wearing, but more about what you're wearing and how you're wearing it. That's why in today's post I've gone ahead and featured just a simple pairing of basics. All black, white, and grey clothing whose details work together to make for some not-so-basic style.

Here you'll see that this cowl neck sweater from H&M is oozing texture. In the photo you can make out the multiple blends of color that make for a cool sheen when caught in the right light.

Another detail added, though subtle, is the side paneling on my joggers. Even though you can't really tell, they have a sort of pebbled feel. If you're close enough to see it, the texture makes it worth getting them since they're not 'just another pair of pants.'

Notice anything in this picture? (Besides me not wearing a sweater). No? Well, if you look closely you'll see the metallic tip of the AMAZING Miu Miu shoes I splurged on this past weekend. I had been eying them for a while and finally decided to break down and get them with some peer pressure from my boyfriend & best friend. Probably the best purchasing decision I've made in a while. They're not the most comfortable thing at first, but walking around in them for a couple hours really helped.

Here's a better shot of the look (and my new hair!). It's pretty practical for just a day around the city or running errands, which is exactly what I did. Not only was I comfortable the entire time, but I just felt confident, too. Confidence is always key.

I'll be sure to post more outfits featuring these amazing Miu Mius, but how would you like me to style them? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Featured: Sweater, H&M // Long Shirt, ASOS // Joggers, Zara // Shoes, Miu Miu