The Victorinox I.N.O.X


I.N.O.X - Innovative, Notable, Optimal, X-treme

In celebration of its 130th anniversary, Victorinox has debuted a modern-day essential for men of our time.

Victorinox, the creator of the Swiss Army Knife, has debuted a new product in a more fashionable form, but one that still stays true to the roots of the company. This new product is I.N.O.X, a watch that truly surpasses the quality of many others I have seen, if not all. Paying tribute to its foundation, I.N.O.X is named to commemorate the material that is attributed to the success of the Swiss Army Knife, stainless steel. 'Inox' (French for 'stainless steel') is a word that carries much meaning, as it is representative of this timepiece's strength, durability, and its capacity to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Though the launch of the first watch by Victorinox was in 1989, this new take on a traditional piece is truly made with the modern man in mind.


I.N.O.X cannot be described as anything other than innovative. The craftsmanship and material strength that has gone into its construction is virtually unmatched by any other manufacturer. The Swiss Army watch is set to take on the equally matched durability of the Swiss Army Knife. Comprised of a solid steel structure, I.N.O.X has a strength and build that withstands vibration, shock, and temperature variations of -51 C to +71 C.


As if the strength of the watch wasn't enough, I.N.O.X is made notable by its versatility in both appearance and accommodation of lifestyle. With the capability of withstanding extreme pressures, this watch is also able to endure submersion for up to 200 meters while remaining intact. Though I don't see any scuba divers matching their wetsuits to their watches anytime soon, this feat is truly unique and applies well to every day situations, i.e. showers, washing hands, and typical water exposure. It has even been tested to endure exposure to gasoline, solvents, oils, cleaning products, and insecticides.


As I've already mentioned, I.N.O.X is made with the modern man in mind. Its abilities to withstand harsh conditions are what make it the most optimal watch on the market. Unsurpassed by any others I've seen, this watch is one built to last - even holding its own through 12G forces of acceleration & deceleration. Similar to the tradition of handing down a Swiss Army Knife, I.N.O.X is one that can be seemingly handed down, an heirloom if you will. Why? Because it's made to last. Suitable, as I believe that this watch is now the heir to the Swiss Army name; the new generation of unrelenting reliability.


What makes it 'X-Treme' ? Well, how about the extreme style factor. This watch isn't just built for you to go anywhere with it, but it's also crafted for you to wear anything with it. The bands are comprised of rubber, another great feature that means durability; with bands available in three colors (black, khaki green, & navy), there's a color for everyone. And in addition to that, the face is designed to catch the light, meaning its sure to catch attention. All in all, I.N.O.X is a versatile piece able to remain strong and durable, yet sleek and modern. If you're in the market for a watch, this is my first recommendation.

** I have teamed up with the brand to create this post. It is sponsored, but all thoughts, words, and opinions are my own.