A Stroll to Land's End, San Francisco

Sometimes the greatest part of living in San Francisco isn't actually living in San Francisco, but discovering all the amazing places that are hidden within the city. If it wasn't for those amazing spots that people go out of their ways to find, it wouldn't be one of the most desirable places to live. So, with that, me and Photographer Carl ventured out to Land's End to get some great shots. He mentioned that the architecture called for a more dapper look, so I scrounged together what I could to fit the implied dress code.

I decided to wear a simple green blazer that I picked up at H&M a few months back. The reason I loved it at first sight was the paisley lining of the sleeve. It adds a little touch of something that I'm always looking for in my clothing, especially since I'm always cuffing my sleeves. With the blazer, I paired a white button-down and light-wash denim jeans, both also from H&M; both fairly priced. I wanted the focus to be the jacket, so I kept it simple. I tied in the navy in the sleeve with a blue leather loafer that I picked up at a thrift store, lucky for me they are quality shoes by Johnston & Murphy (always amazing). The look has a very simple, laidback feel while keeping true to the dressy appearance that I typically try and go for when I'm out and about. I'd love to know your take on it. What else should I think of wearing with the blazer next time I wear it out? Feel free to share!

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