Bonobos Santana Row


A sneak peek at the new Bonobos Guideshop opening Thursday, January 22nd on Santana Row.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get an invite over to the new Bonobos Guideshop on Santana Row. Here in San Jose, Santana Row is most known for its quality shopping and its selection of contemporary and luxury stores. With the new Bonobos so close by, I finally had the opportunity to see what the brand is all about considering it's now among some of the best shopping in town. 

How the Guideshop Works:

  • Make an appointment for a one-on-one fitting with a Bonobos Guide at; walk-in appointments are also welcome
  • Once you’re fit, check out at either during your Guideshop appointment, with the help of a Guide, or place your order at home later
  • Shipping is free and items are delivered to your doorstep in 1-5 days
  • Bonobos offers easy returns (free return shipping) and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction

When I got to the new location, I was immediately impressed by the layout of the shop. See, the Guideshop is a little different than the typical stores that most are used to. The way it is all set up is similar to that of a showroom - you walk in, are assigned a stylist, and with your stylist you try out a selection of styles that work best for you. It's great because the Guideshop experience isn't about finding a highly trending piece, it is about helping you find classic, transitional pieces that will last. 

I had a really emotional experience while I was in the store. The clothing came in my size, length, and fit me almost perfectly off the rack. Once my measurements were found, they were sent to me so I could never forget what sizes made me look and feel my best. Since I have such a slender build, I almost said no to going for the sake of sparing my own embarrassment, but they really made it work. 

I'm extremely grateful for the experience I had, especially with Fashion Week right around the corner. Since I'm in dire need of something dapper, I'll definitely be turning to Bonobos' Guideshop soon. If you have the time (it only takes about an hour), then I would suggest you make an appointment and head over there, too. Your confidence will thank you for it later.