Fringed Benefits


Wearing: Black Vince Coat, Grey UNIQLO Sweater, Blue Banana Republic Denim Jeans, Fringed Horsebit Gucci Loafers, Black Leather FABROS Tote 


Last Thursday I flew into Orange County for a meeting, so I've been a little swamped from all the activity. Not to mention all these travel arrangements for New York Fashion Week! Clearly I'm dying a little on the inside just thinking about all the glory that is fashion week. 

Anyway, since I'm traveling a bit, I have to be sure that I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing. Airport visits are not only long, but typically extremely gruesome considering all the walking, lugging, and lifting you have to do. With that, I also have to keep in mind the style factor. As much as I want to be comfortable, I also have to feel confident, which is exactly what this look does. 

Not only did I wear it through a SEVEN HOUR layover, but I was comfortable doing it. The coat kept me warm,  sweater kept me bundled, and jeans were easy to move around in (no matter how tight they may seem). My fringed Gucci loafers came with their own fringe benefit, too - they can be slipped on and off with ease, making them perfect for airport security. 

Definitely a functional look to keep me moving through the long lines of people. Would love to hear your thoughts! What's your favorite airport style? Are you more for style, comfort, or both? Feel free to share in the comments below!