Need a Reason 2(X)IST? [Part 2]


As some of you may or may not have seen, I am currently partnered up with the lifestyle brand 2(X)IST for a mini style series. The mini style series is a new facet to my page, just as much as these sweatpants are... OK, they're one week old. Sue me. Anyway, as part of the fun partnering, I've chosen to show you some great ways to wear the 2(X)IST Terry Sweatpant. Now, you're probably saying to yourself, 'Wtf, Anthony - Sweatpants aren't special, I own like a million pairs.'
Well, if that's you, then sit down. Why? Because you've never worn these before, and if you have worn these before, please confirm my love for these sweats in the comments below.

Now, if you really are curious as to why I love these so much, I just want to point out the softness in the cotton & careful detail in the fit to make them more street-appropriate. Let's all keep in mind that even the most unconventional of styles can be the most functional. Considering how cold it gets here in the Bay Area and San Francisco, sometimes a little warmth is good. Since I am in San Jose currently, I needn't worry TOO much about the fall chills, so I can get away with wearing this really sleek chambray shirt from UNIQLO. I've also paired the sweats with the same VINCE boots you found in my previous post, but who's keeping track, right? ... RIGHT?! I kid :)

Keeping today's post very short, I'd love to get some feedback on any and all aspect of this outfit. Again PLEASE EXCUSE GRAIN. Sometimes the photos get a little lost in translation (ya'll bloggers feel meh?). Alright, have a good one, everyone :) Until next time.

Featured: Terry SweatPants, 2(X)IST c/o // Shirt UNIQLO // Boots, VINCE // Hat, Bailey Hats of Hollywood