Trend Tuesdays: Classic Camels for Fall Style


Classic touches of camel are being reinvented for modern day fashionists.

Camel for Mens Fall 2014

Okay, so if you do follow fashion (which I assume you do because you're reading this blog) then it's no secret to you that camel is always appropriate for use in the fall. It has been around forever and I don't see it going away anytime soon. So, whether or not you see it as a trend or a way of life, camel is a pretty big deal as far as seasonal colors go. In layman's terms, it's the shit. So how do you go about rocking one of the greatest colors ever invented in the world of fashion? Well that's easy - start with the basics.

Ask almost any style-savvy person what color coats you should own and almost always, they will list off three colors: black, navy, and camel. Start with the coat. Since your coat almost always hides what you're wearing underneath anyway, it makes sense to go big or go home. Not many people have the clothing options to go with more specific choices like shoes or patterned sweaters, so a camel coat is a great way to go. You can typically find your standard pea / trench / mackintosh coat at most stores, but for the best deals stop by Old Navy, the Gap, & H&M. They always have killer deals on outwear.

For those of you with a coat game unmatched by most, move on to the more advanced levels of camel-colored style. Incorporate warm hues of tan & camel through your accessories like bags, sleek boots (I have Timberlands), or the one thing I've always wanted but can never find, a classic camel fedora. Seems simple enough as I say it, but finding the perfect items to add to your already expanded closet it hard. Remember, you're not buying a new wardrobe when you buy a new piece, so you have to work with what you've already got back at home. It's a lot harder than you think.

Modern fashion gents of the world unite. Fall & Winter style is forever changing but the classics are here to stay. You'll always want more of what's out there, but chances are someone else already has it. My piece of advice to you is to look outside the confines of bargain shops for you coats & trenches galore. Why? There's a 100% chance someone in your extended circle already owns that $60 pea coat that was so hard to pass up. Look toward higher end buys. I typically go designer for coats since they last forever and not as many people are willing to buy 'em. There are also less in circulation and the styles are typically retired afterward to make room for different renders. If you're really patient and can hold off on purchasing, you can surf sale racks and find the higher-priced camel pieces marked down around January.

How do you feel about camel for fall? Let me know in the comments below. Also link to your favorite camel finds for this season. I'll give you a mention on my Facebook page along with the link to your find.