Trend Tuesday: The Long Coat


Long Trench Coats become a must for refined style

Ok it's Wednesday, so technically I was to have this up yesterday, but it's my blog & my rules and I'm not giving you anything less than perfect. Anyway, it took some time to get these photos just right, as I'm dabbling in Photoshop and spending more time on it than I should. That's fine, though! It'll just make your experience on my site that much more enjoyable :)

So, in today's #TrendTuesday (but it's actually Wednesday) post, I want to touch base on the extremely awesome surge of long coats I've seen. By long coats, I don't mean Matrix-inspired and overwhelming. The coats I'm talking about are fitted, tapered, have bold design, and land right above your knees. They're great! Why? Because you can take any simple look, throw on an extremely well-constructed coat, and you're good to go.

In the photos above, I've featured one of my favorite coats from Zara (purchased a little under a year ago) and threw it over a simple distressed denim, white tee, and sleek shoes combo. I like high contrast, so I'll almost always pair white under a darker coat and vice versa. To add a little bit more oomph, I added on the extremely vibrant flannel scarf. The scarf actually complements the subtle print on the coat way more than I expected, even adding a little bit of boldness to the monochrome look.

When thinking of ways to wear your coats, look for lengths that work with your body. Don't overwhelm yourself with a coat that is too lengthy, as it'll work against you and actually make you seem shorted. As for your taller men & women, you generally want pea coats to hit you right at (or slightly below) your waistline. With trenches, the 3 to 4 inches above the knee seems to be a good rule for length.

Remember, my looks only serve as one way to wear the trend, but realistically there are so many more things you can do with it. Mens & womens fashion is limitless, so take some time to really delve into the pool of style options you have. Then, when you've found an awesome look, come back, share it, and I'll share it for others to see. So, how will you wear the it?

Featured: Shirt, UNIQLO // Coat, Zara // Plaid Scarf, Target // Shoes, Miu Miu