Casual Purple Trousers Outfit


Wearing: Navy Blue Topman Blazer, Purple Slim Fit Topman Trousers, Blue Alfani Loafers, Purple Striped F.H.Wadsworth Belt

The hardest thing about getting ready in the morning? Figuring out what the hell to wear. As a style blogger, people expect me to wear something different, unique, special, or the like every. single. day. That's not even a thing! The only person that owns nearly that much clothing is Kim Kardashian, so unless she and I are going to become BFF's sometime soon, I have to be a repeat offender. 

In yesterday's post I featured a Navy Topman Suit and in today's post I've gone ahead and worn that same suit jacket as a blazer. The reason I did so is, when men have suits, they don't always have to wear the full set. As a matter of fact, wearing your suit as separates can actually save a lot of wear & tear damage that comes with repetitive use. Slim fit suits, such as the slim fit blazer and skinny purple trousers shown above, are harder to care for in my opinion. Why? Well, considering how hard it is for me to find clothing that fits me well (that isn't women's or skintight), I want to wear all of it over and over again. It's tough to have that sort of self-control when you love clothing as much as I do. 

All that aside, the look above is one of my absolute favorites. The reason I am so excited to share it is how adventurous I got for my own taste. Mixing the navy and almost lavender purple was something that would been nearly impossible to do without the help of the striped belt by F.H. Wadsworth. My good email friend* Jimmy has been super gracious in sending some fun belts with various prints and patterns to play around with. Though a white shirt was my first choice to wear tucked, the grey didn't cause too much of a high contrast that might have thrown off the look. Brought it all together with these super comfortable blue suede loafers and I was good to go!

Now that I've given you all the breakdown on this casual look, what do you think of it? Would love some feedback in the comments below :)