The first presentation I had the privilege of attending for NYFW was that of the DKNY Men FW15 collection. Now the reason I was there initially is related to a behind-the-scenes feature I did on Syd Hayes, the hairstylist hired to coordinate looks for the collection. 

When walking through the showroom to head backstage, I couldn't help but become distracted by the assortment of well-constructed menswear. The DKNY Mens collection consists of some of the richest blues, most carefully patterned blacks & whites, and finely tapered-and-tailored trousers I've seen in some time. 

Prior to that day, I wasn't completely familiar with Donna Karan's menswear lines; however, I was familiar with the classic & luxuriously crafted Donna Karan Collection for women that I worked with so often as a personal stylist. With that experience and familiarity with the Donna Karan name, the Donna Karan Collection had positioned (in my opinion) any lines affiliated with Donna Karan International as clean, classic, and transitional. 

As you can see from the photos above, the men's styles also carry that sort of simplicity I've described, all while maintaining a differentiation in style and structure from other designers. Since there are so many men's and women's fashion designers out there, it is increasingly difficult to not only become relevant, but to maintain relevance among such competition. 

Clearly DKNY Men is in a field of its own - just referencing at gallery above, it is fair for me to assume you now understand why I was so easily reeled in. And if you love looking at the photos as much as I do, just imagine how incredible it was to see in person.