The HP Touch, Your All-in-One Laptop

When it comes to work, I don't know where I would be without my laptop. I'm sure most of you feel the same way. As a matter of fact, my laptop has become such a big part of my life that my blog wouldn't exist without it. My entire life is on my computer - everything from awkward family photos to my freshman year research paper is on my laptop, which is why I need one that will last. With that, thanks to my friends over at HP & HSN, I had the chance to try out the new HP Pavilion Touch. Not only is it a great for getting things done, but it has all the other amazing capabilities you'd hope for in purchasing a new computer. 

When I received my laptop I was pleasantly surprised by how vibrant and unique the color is. In some light it has an amazing deep purple hue, then in others I can make out a beautiful blue. Blue is one of my absolute favorite colors, so I you could imagine how excited I was to have something customized just for me. While the HP Touch comes in other color variations, I couldn't imagine myself with any other option.

Now the color is cool, but the functionality of the HP Touch Notebook is what really had my excited. Since I always have to keep myself busy, usually multi-tasking between writing posts, editing in Photoshop, browsing the Internet, and Netflix, it's important for me to know that my computer can withstand all that use. This is why the new Windows 10 software is so great, making it easier to transition between tasks and desktops to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. 

After I'm done with all the work I have to do, you can probably find me vegging out on my couch watching my favorite movies and shows. So, when I saw that my new HP came equipped with a huge 17" screen alongside Bang & Olufsen speakers, I was in heaven. HP makes it easy for me to enjoy all the little things I do throughout the day, transitioning with me as I go.

Now, I understand there are a lot of options out there for laptops, but I would like to urge you to seriously consider the HP Touch as one of them. Whether you're taking notes in class, presenting a project in your next meeting, or blogging like me, the HP Touch with Windows 10 helps make life a little easier. 

To learn more about the HP Touch or to get one of your very own, shop HP with HSN to find the right style for you. There's a color and a use for everyone - which one will you choose? #HPHuesonHSN #Win10

** This is a sponsored post done in collaboration with HP & HSN. **