Nordstrom Exclusive: Johnston & Murphy "Allred" Penny Loafer

Wearing: Topman Jeans // Johnston & Murphy 'Allred' Penny Loafer // American Rag Cardigan // Calvin Klein Sweater // Green Brixton Hat

Johnston & Murphy Penny Loafers are among some of my favorite shoes to ever be worn. Not only are they comfortable, but they are a mens shoe that can be transitioned from spring to fall and any other micro-season in between. Keeping things simple, I paired the loafers with some other natural fall colors like beige, cream, and blue. 

American Rag shawl collar cardigans are my go-to for any casual fall mens fashion. They are not only great with jeans, but can even be worn with suits or sweats (trust me, I've tried it). Sometimes it's easy to get lost in what colors match best or what styles go with each other, but you have to know when to let go of style "rules". Realistically, there are no rules anymore. 

In this look, I wore the my American Rag cardigan over my cream Calvin Klein sweater that I picked up last fall. Even though I wore the sweater quite a bit last year, it's OK to break out some of last season's favorites. Recycling your closet is great if you take care of your clothes because they will last you a lifetime if you treat them well. 

For mens fall style, I say keep things simple. Dress up in moderation and use staple pieces to your advantage. Things like coats and sweaters can really go a long way, especially with the right pair of shoes (like these Johnston & Murphy loafers). 

To keep things short, I leave you with these words: be true to yourself and be true to your style.