Navy Topman Slim Fit Suit

Anthony Villegas with beautiful view of San Jose, CA.  
Navy topman slim fit suit. 

Wearing: Navy Topman Suit, Woven Leather Loafers, Brown SlideBelt with Gold Buckle (c/o) 


Life is unpredictable. Last week I was in Los Angeles with my best friend Allison talking about the future. Now I'm in San Jose as I write this, thinking about my future and how quickly life keeps moving past me. Ahh! With so much craziness going on, the one real sense of control I feel I have every morning involves what I wear. In the morning, there's no one around to tell me what I can or can't do with my outfit... It's 100% creative freedom. 

In these shots I'm wearing my new favorite suit, the navy skinny fit suit for men from TOPMAN. The skinny suit is great because it legitimately looks tailored to my body and have even been told so by others. With my body as slender as it is, it's extremely hard for me to find the right fit. As a matter of fact, I've never owned a full suit because of it. My technical first suit is from Indochino (which I will share later), but for today we'll say it was TOPMAN. 

For all you guys out there with a problem like mine, keep your chins up! There's hope. The Topman skinny suit collection for men is a godsend for all fashion purposes. Though you might have to dig a little, it's definitely worth a look. They also have a really cool Instagram :) 

Alright, I'd love some of your feedback on this look! What do you think of the suit? Is it a keeper?