Red Tailor4Less Made-to-Measure Blazer

Mens outfit including custom made Tailor4Less Blazer, White UNIQLO Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Spiked Christian Louboutin Sneakers, Gold Coordinates Collection Bracelet, Blue Banana Republic Denim Jeans
Anthony Villegas speaking about the business of blogging in San Francisco, CA. 
Blogger & writer Anthony Villegas at Fashion Tech Week event in San Francisco, CA. 
Fashion Tech Week 2015 in San Francisco.

Wearing: Red Tailor4Less Blazer c/o, Buffalo Check Sweater c/o, Black Banana Republic Skinny Jeans, Black VINCE Loafers, FABROS Black Leather Tote Bag c/o

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'If the shoes fits?'. Well, today that phrase sort of applies, just replace shoes with a high quality custom made blazer and it's practically the same. 
The blazer I'm mentioning is actually made by Tailor4Less, an online made-to-measure suit supplier for men. I was fortunate enough to hear from the Tailor4Less team not too long ago and it couldn't have been better timing. 

When I received the blazer, I was immediately impressed by the quality and feel of the blazer's material. It was definitely built to last and I could tell from the moment I put it on. 
I will be completely honest and say the blazer is a bit too long for me because I have a shorter torso, but I made it work. 

Since the red blazer is so vibrant, I only wear it occasionally as a statement piece. With that, I decided to wear it to the Fashion Tech Week event in San Francisco. I was speaking as the guest blogger on the panel and wanted to stand out in the best way possible. The blazer draped over my shoulders and the pop of red with the black and white palette really turned out great, especially with a hint of pattern for a little extra oomph. Paired with my favorite black loafers and leather tote bag it was a classic look. 

The night was full of compliments as people I hadn't met before started coming up to me sharing how much they loved my blazer's bold red. It was really nice to get that sort of positive feedback! I can't reiterate enough how happy I am finally own an eye-catching custom piece - not quite sure when I'll have the chance to custom order another blazer, but you definitely should check out Tailor4Less if you can! Just head over to the Tailor4Less website and see how many ways you can really customize their suits & blazers. You won't be disappointed!