Shoeology - Quality Shoes for Men

Ever go out looking for shoes just to find that they're one of the hardest things to shop for? ... Me too. As much as I love shoes, the most difficult part is finding a pair that I absolutely love. That is until I stumbled upon Shoeology. Launching November 1st, Shoeology is a NYC-based brand that is taking quality footwear to a new level. Each pair of shoes is made in Portugal using quality leather. They have different styles that they offer, like a casual desert boot or sleek sneaker - there's something for everyone. There's one pair of shoes in particular that really peaks my interest. It's a simple pair of white sneakers that I personally think would go well with everything. They have the clean look of a typical white sneaker, but with the texture and colorblocking on the sole, an added touch is given. So, given the differences, I'd say this is a not-so-normal but oh-so-cool white sneak that is bound to liven up any look. And in case you're not the sneakers kind of guy, Shoeology has something to offer you, too... Boots. Covering all their grounds, Shoeology has both a desert and an ankle boot that are perfect for an edge that you've probably been looking for but quite possible didn't find something that fit the bill. Curious to see what they all look like? Check the images below. Trends are always changing and it's become required of brands to change with them. Shoeology is the perfect example of just that - change and updates. If you're in the market for a pair, I would definitely give this brand a shot. And get them while you can. You can pre-order your perfect pair on Have any questions, comments, or feedback? Feel free to share them below.