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Taste Buds: Life in Los Angeles

Hey, everyone! Anthony V. here - welcome to my new blog! I'm so excited to share my completely revamped website with you all AND to share with you my super awesome experiences in the time since I've been here. Living in Los Angeles has been INCREDIBLE and it's only been one full week since my move. 

A beautiful view from on a clear and sunny day in Los Angeles, California. 

The minute I arrived in Los Angeles, I was automatically greeted by the beautiful & panoramic views of the city. It is absolutely gorgeous here! Even though I grew up in Orange County, I have always had a soft spot from LA - but I never believe I would actually be living here. It's been such an incredible experience! 

Healthy and organic lunch at Lemonade in Los Angeles. 

My best friend Allison showed me around the city and she and I both stopped by this awesome little spot called Lemonade. Now let me tell you, the food at Lemonade LA is fresh, healthy, and hits the spot! In the photo shown above I had the best lunch of a salmon stuffed avocado, tuna with mango sticky rice, and a slightly spicy, but oh-so-tasty jalapeno chicken salad. 

Dinner at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. 

A couple days later I headed out to dinner at Villa Blanca, Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant in Beverly Hills. I can't tell you enough how obsessed I am with Lisa Vanderpump, so eating at her restaurant was an experience in every way. The food was SOOOO good and the staff was super friendly (and attractive to say the least). I'd definitely recommend it if you have the time! The prices were fair, but if you're a die-hard fan like I am, it's worth every penny. 

A beautiful view of the streets in Beverly Hills, California. 

A beautiful view of the streets in Beverly Hills, California. 

Lastly, I was able to stroll around Beverly Hills for a bit and couldn't help but notice that every street was completely polished and kempt. If the streets weren't enough to make Beverly Hills seem near perfect, all the people walking around the area were just as polished, dressed in head-to-toe designer. Now that's what I call paradise ;D 

I'm not the only one living in up in LA! There's a pair of really awesome women that call this place their hometown. As a matter of fact, I learn of a couple places I'm soon going to visit through them. They're taking part in a super cool new web series called Taste Buds, in collaboration with Ford. They have their own video where they are showing you (and me) the hidden gems of places like LA & Portland and it's definitely worth watching. Krissy and Jessica (the super cool ladies in the video) showcase places like Face Haus, a place where you can get a 30 minute facial for just $45! Then they head to Portland to share some of their exciting adventures there. Check out their new Portland video below! If you have the time, watching it will put a smile on your face and some awesome ideas in your head. And if you're extra curious to see their LA adventures, I've included that video for your viewing pleasure as well :) So give it a play & I hope you enjoy!

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